Monday, April 15

chirp, chirp

Ty, Jack and I had a great weekend together. We went on walks, hung Jack's swing, ran errands, etc. It was nice and relaxing.




Ty called his mom on Saturday to chat and she told him they were at Atwood's with all the grandkids visiting the chicks. I guess Ty didn't want Jack to be left out of the fun, so we took him by Atwood's after church on Sunday. The ducklings and chicks were so cute! 



I think he wanted a closer look!


I think this chick had the same thought that our dog, Nuts, has when Jack tries to touch him---RUN! haha.


Wednesday, April 10

9 months

In a lot of ways I feel like you have left the infant stage behind and are headed straight toward toddler-hood. You are now nine months old! Time is moving fast. Let's recap your eighth month of life.

One of the biggest things things that happened this month was the flu! It hit you hard and it broke our hearts. It is tough for us to see you hurt. We spent almost two weeks nursing you back to health. There were lots and lots of snuggles, and nights spent in our bed. We are so happy to have our healthy baby boy back!

Once you recovered, you started doing all sorts of new things. You figured out the whole crawling thing and are on the move! Your favorite method of moving is to be walking while holding onto my fingers. You can walk around your toy table all by yourself and you can pull up.You mobility is reflected in the pictures we got of you in your 9 month sticker. There weren't many to choose from as the majority were "action" shots.


You have started to experience some separation anxiety and have definitely become a momma's boy. If I leave the living room (your main play area) then you come crawling after me. You also prefer to be held by me. You must feel bad about all the momma love and have started saying dada. :)
(You don't know what it means yet, but you can babble up a storm.)

Jack, you love to be outside and we spend a lot of time taking walks in your car. You love, love, love Nuts! He makes you smile so big. Unfortunately, the feeling is not mutual. You are a little too grabby for his taste. You still have a love for strings and now that you are mobile this has expanded to cords. You also still love to be upside down and will throw yourself backward to get there. I have to have quick reflexes with you! You love to read books and really like touch and feel books. One thing you are not loving is your changing table. As a newborn it was your favorite spot in the house, now it is an olympic sport to get your diaper changed.


You experienced your first Easter this past month and looked so cute dressed up for church. Another first was trying pureed meat for the first time. You seemed to like it. You love puffs, bell peppers, apple slices, and your morning cereal. (No teeth yet!)

I feel like the flu had a big impact on this month. You started all sorts of new developments after you recovered from it and I can only imagine the changes you will make this next month.


The next time we go back to the doctor is for your 12 month check up. That seems crazy! I am trying to soak up this time with you before it is gone. When I think back on this month I want to remember your gummy smile, your laughter as we play chase, and the wobbly steps you take while holding my fingers.
We love you, sweet boy.


Weight: 16 lbs 5 oz, (>3rd percentile)
Height: 28 1/4 in, (49th percentile)
Clothes: You are in a range of sizes from 3-6 to 9 months. The majority of your pants are still 3 or 3-6 months because your waist is small.
Diaper: size 2
Nicknames: Jack Attack, sugar bear, munchkin, baby Jack, sweet boy


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