Tuesday, December 31

Goodbye 2013

It was a very blessed year! I'm so glad I discovered this fun app via friends on Instagram to make a highlight video of our year. Here's to 2014 and all the new adventures it holds!

Thursday, December 26

Our Christmas

We kind of had to squeeze our Christmas in this year. Ty's December schedule on his trauma surgery rotation was really busy and he had to work the week of Christmas back at his main hospital. We decided to do it Sunday, December 21st. Ty had worked nights that weekend and was tired, but he woke up early to finish putting together Jack's trampoline during Jack's nap time. He is such a trooper! He never complains about his schedule or how tired he is. I seriously don't know how he does it.

We had so much fun giving Jack his presents! He was more into it than I thought he would be this year. He was the most excited about his red rainboots and gave a big "oooohhh" when he pulled them out of the sack. He immediately had to put them on!

Jack's big gift was a small trampoline. It is about seven feet in diameter and just a few feet off the ground. He loves to jump on the big trampoline at Grammy's house, but we did not have space in our yard for a big one. I was so excited to find this one. It's on our porch for now, but we will eventually move it to the yard. We took a video of Jack walking out to see it for the first time, but it was a little anti-climatic. haha. He was pretty excited to get inside it though!


Ring around the rosy! He was already signing "more" and I hadn't completely fallen yet!

A frozen wonderland. It was so cold outside. Jack kept holding out his hands for Ty to blow on them to warm them up. He didn't want to come inside though and cried when we made him! 

Pictures from that morning before heading to church. The one good thing about Ty working on Saturday nights is I get to dress Jack however I want for church on Sunday. :)

a little self-timer action:

Thursday, December 12


We bundled up and braved the freezing temperatures to help Ty finish up his Christmas shopping and to make a stop to see Santa. I love going to the Santa at Utica. He sits in a tiny gingerbread looking house in the middle of an outdoor shopping center. They allow you to use your own camera and it is just you, your family, Santa and either Mrs. Clause or an elf inside. It's pretty cramped and isn't the most elaborately decorated, but I love that it is just you inside and we have never encountered a line.

Jack wasn't too sure about Santa. I didn't give him much time to warm up to the idea. As soon as we walked inside I stripped him of his coat and hat and plopped him on Santa's lap. He was a little startled to say the least.

Notice the leggings under his pants. It was so cold out! 

He warmed up to Santa a little bit once Daddy joined him and after Santa gave him a cookie.

We taught Jack how to say "ho ho ho", but he wouldn't say it for Santa. Maybe next year...


2012--Jack's First Christmas
DSC00906 copy

And because this is one of my favorite photos...on our way to meet Santa!

Tuesday, December 10

Snow Days

We spent several days snowed in and it was fabulous! I am so thankful that the snow/ice storm coincided with Ty having some days off. The three of us enjoyed our time together.
I made a batch of chicken taco soup and we seriously ate it for five meals straight. It is that good!


Jack wanted to be just like Daddy and help clear the driveway.


I could not get over how cute he looked in these boots! Thank you to cousin Lucas for sending them our way!


Toward the end of the video our neighbor walked out of his house and Jack said hi to him. Of course, I think it is the sweetest thing. I hadn't seen him do this unprompted. :)

Sunday, December 8

Vacation--May 2013

We went on a great vacation at the end of May to Breckenridge, Colorado and I am just now recording it here. It was Jack's first time to travel via plane and he did great! Ty's parents met us there and it was nice to spend time with them. They also kept Jack while we went on an excursion and to dinner at a restaurant we visited on our honeymoon. The food was just as good as we had remembered!









{look at that amazing posture}















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