Thursday, February 20


 Holidays are just more fun with kids! I have very few Valentine's Day decorations, but the little that I did put up was impressive to Jack. It makes me so excited to decorate for the next big holiday.

 I enjoyed flowers from Ty all week. I also enjoyed more than my fair share of these cookies that Jack helped me bake.

Jack sent these cards of his little hands to his grandparents.

Gifts for Miss Joanie and for his friends

I bought flowers and candies from a club fundraiser at the school. All proceeds were donated to the family of a fourth year medical student who passed away earlier this year.

Joanie said all the kids had so much fun passing out valentines to each other!

My sweet, little valentine!

I'm obsessed with this shirt I made for him to wear. Elbow patches!

Jack's valentines from us.

We enjoyed a peaceful dinner with lots of laughter and smiles...or maybe it was more like a fussy toddler and tears. :)

At least there were donuts for dessert!

My mom came into town on Sunday and Ty and I got to have a night out.

For the locals, we went to SMOKE. It was so nice to get out and enjoy time together. The food was delicious and the atmosphere was made even better with live music by Kristin Hemphill. I bought her CD on the way out and have been listening to it all week. I want to remember the evening each time I listen to it.
hers: wood grilled scallops with bacon, kale, fingerling potato, cherry tomato, orange gremolata
shared: oyster nachos
his: bbq grilled quail with warm potato salad, spinach, bacon, grilled okra, house BBQ

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