Tuesday, February 22

dream kitchen

We have put our house up for sale and have been looking into buying a home vs. building a home. The idea of building a home is definitely appealing, since we would be able to customize a lot of things with a builder. It has me thinking about my dream kitchen.

I have fallen in love with white kitchen cabinets, white subway tile and dark wood floors.




Dream Kitchen



Building is becoming a stronger possibility, which makes me wonder if I can achieve one of the looks above on what will be a much tighter budget than the kitchens above cost. I have seen a lot of white kitchens online that look cheap. We also wouldn't have the dark wood floors to contrast with the white cabinets.

Is this look trendy? Will I hate it in five years? Should I go with a more traditional wood look? These are all questions I have been contemplating. I don't want to go with something that I can't quite achieve or doesn't look good in an open floor plan. Maybe I should wait to see if we even sell our house before I get too worked up. :)

Tuesday, February 15


Friday night Ty and I headed to midtown to a sushi restaurant. I have become obsessed with sushi lately. Yummy. We walked in the restaurant & saw my best friend and her boyfriend eating dinner. What a nice surprise! They had already placed their order & were sitting at a two person table, so we got our own table. They joined us after they were done eating and picked up our tab. So nice!

grainy iPhone picture, but a picture none the less.

Sunday night Ty cooked me a steak dinner in honor of Valentine's Day.

We are going to have snow in our backyard for a long time. It doesn't get any afternoon sun. It has melted some though and Nuts has enjoyed exploring everything for the first time in over two weeks.

Ty and I exchanged homemade/computer cards last night.
I saw this on a blog and made my own, because I couldn't get the original to print very big.
Do you get it? I mustache (must ask you) to be my valentine. hehe.

I wish I would have taken a picture of the card Ty made me, but he tore it up. Let me explain.
The card was on white computer paper and the front said Open. Inside the card was a heart with a circle in the middle. Written inside the circle was push here. I pushed and Ty started singing. He made up a song to a jingle we heard on Reno 911 the other night. It was hilarious. He made me a singing card! I closed the card and immediately opened it back up and pressed the "button" again. He wasn't too keen on singing the sing over and over and tore up my card. So sad.

Thanks for all the congratulations yesterday!
We are looking forward to selling our house and buying a new one out in the 'burbs.

Monday, February 14

Forget Valentine's Day, It is Match Day!!

I am SO happy to announce that Ty matched with his #1 residency program choice---general surgery at OSU!! I am incredibly proud of him!

In clinical skills lab on casting day
Casting Day 2-26 038

He put in a lot of hours with this program with rotations and even when he wasn't on a rotation with them. If he was on a rotation with an easier schedule he would stop by the hospital to put in some face time. He worked so hard and it paid off!

Now he gets to work even harder in residency. haha.

This means I get to keep my job and stay in a great city where I have made amazing friends. We will definitely be celebrating tonight!

I can't say it enough--I am so proud of him!

Friday, February 11

lindsey knits

I have taken up a new hobby--knitting. There is a lady I work with (she's in another dept.) who is super crafty and is always showing me her newest projects. She came in my office a couple of months ago wearing the cutest neckwarmer/scarf. She volunteered to teach me how to knit it.
herringbone neckwarmer

I kind of blew it off, because I had tried embroidery a year or so ago and had given up. I realize embroidery and knitting aren't exactly the same, but they both involve needles of some sort. (I need to have my SIL teach me embroidery.)

Emily taught me to knit right before the big snow storm last week, but I messed it up as soon as I got home and couldn't fix it. What a bummer. I had four days off due to the weather and it would have been the perfect time to work on it. I brought my messed up project to her and she fixed it. I started over and messed up again. I had heard about an Oops Clinic at a local yarn store, Loops. It just so happened to be last night. I didn't want to keep taking my project to her everytime I messed up, so I went.

I sat at a table with a worker in his 50s and he fixed what I had messed up and sat with me to make sure I had the hang of things. This store has some of the best customer service I have ever seen. The Oops Clinic was completely free!

Their store is just darling!

They have the cutest playroom for little ones.

Hard to photograph the paint color with my phone, but it actually looks like the lighter shade on the cabinet doors. It matches the chairs that were stacked up in an earlier picture--a beautiful pale turquoise.

What a fantastic playroom color!

My nightstand

I'm such an old lady. :)

If anyone is interested here is the (free) pattern.

Thursday, February 10


Work was canceled yesterday and we had a two hour delay this morning due to the weather. I have been loving all these snow days. It is so nice to stay cuddled up inside with Ty and Nuts. We have definitely made the most out of it.

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The sun is supposed to be shining this weekend and temps should be in the 50s & 60s. I guess that means my chance for more snow days is over for now. Oh well. Bring on the sunshine!

{via we heart it}

Sunday, February 6


This has definitely been one for the record books. We received 14 inches of snow and then several days later a few more inches. The weathermen are predicting more this coming week. I only worked one day last week--Monday. That is crazy! Ty has gone in a few times for his ER shifts. The roads are terrible, but his car has done really well on them. I have left the house (Ty has driven me) a couple of times for fast food and for a Target run. Thank goodness, my husband recognized the importance of getting me out of the house for my sanity and chose one of my favorite places. :)
I've taken a lot of pictures to document these past several days, most involve Nuts. In fact, this is going to be way too many pictures. oops.

I went through old magazines & tore out inspiration photos.

We decided to get out of the house to walk the roads with Nuts.

We chose to squeeze in between the bushes and the house and avoid the biggest snow drifts.

You can see the snow in our yard went above my knees.


He much prefers this to the snow.


Temperatures finally rose to above freezing on Saturday! Ty was able to shovel our sidewalk.

I did a lot of cooking and baking. I'm going to have to put myself on a diet after this.

I have enjoyed being snowed in and I'm not really looking forward to returning to work tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 1

Snowed In

Three days ago it was 76 degrees outside. It was a beautiful weekend!
My parents came up and we definitely enjoyed the weather.

Today notsomuch. It is snowing up a storm here. Work and school were canceled yesterday afternoon before the snow even started falling. The news is saying it will be a record breaking storm. Ty had yesterday off and stopped by the store to pick up something I forgot to get while grocery shopping this weekend. He also picked up these beauties. I came home to them in this mason jar and I was so surprised!

Getting Nuts to go outside this morning was no easy task. The snow was built up too high to open the back door.

We made do with the front porch.
It will definitely need to be cleaned off before potential buyers come by. :) Poor Nuts is just too short and sinks into the snow.


Work is canceled tomorrow too! I'm more than happy to be stuck at home.

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