Tuesday, December 27

prayers requested

Not too long ago I wrote about my best friend, Chesley having a heart cath done. Unfortunately, when they got in there to repair the hole it was much bigger than they had originally thought. The surgeon recommended open heart surgery and she will have that done tomorrow. I am praying that God provides her with comfort and peace. I am praying for the doctors and nurses. I am praying for a speedy as possible recovery. I am praying that her heart gets healed.

halloween ches

Chesley is everything you could want in a best friend and I hate that she is having to go through all of this. It has been a stressful few months for her, but she never fails to ask how things are going with me. I won't be able to be at the hospital tomorrow, but I will be making a trip down there in the next couple of days. (She is having the surgery done closer to her hometown.)

I love you, friend!

Monday, December 12

There is something so magical about turning down all the lights and seeing twinkling Christmas lights while lounging at home. There is also something magical about all the Christmas shopping being complete! We finished up this weekend and are just waiting for a few gifts to arrive in the mail. I love the shopping part, but I don't like to be looking for the perfect gift too close to the big day. Something about crowds or being worried about shipping.

I had the hardest time finding stocking holders that I liked. I ended up buying flat ones at Target and then purchasing the little trees wrapped in burlap from there too. Someone remind me to remove the tags later, mmmmkay?

No trip to the mall is complete without a cookie from the Great American Cookie Factory.

This is how Nuts and I spent the majority of our weekend.
photo 1

I did go to Jane's for a fun girls get together and Ty and I did have a date night. So, I guess I didn't lay around all weekend. It had been way too long since we had gone on a date and we had such a good time. I know I see Ty almost every day, but I sure do miss that man. Quality time together is limited and I love it when he is all mine.

I also made these gluten free cookies for Jane's party. She recently went GF and I decided to try this recipe out. It was delish and I'll be making them for my Mom soon! Pinterest has some great gluten free products and recipes.
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