Sunday, March 31

Easter Weekend

Jack's daycare was closed on Friday for Good Friday, so our weekend started Thursday night.
The doctor Ty is with right now took us and the medical student that has been with them out to dinner. It was nice to get to know the doctor and his wife. Jack did a great job at the restaurant.

This was before dinner.

Friday I got the courage to go up to the attic and bring down this car for Jack. My parents bought it for him for Christmas and we've been waiting for the weather to warm up, so we can use it.
I hate going up to the attic, and I never carry things up or down with me. I was determined to get this car down though! It was more complicated to put together than I thought it would be, so after all of that I still had to wait on Ty. Jack didn't mind. He enjoyed playing with all the parts.

He is trying out his new hat that he isn't supposed to see until it appears in his Easter basket.

We enjoyed the beautiful weather by spending a lot of time outside and had a friend and her little boy over to play for a couple of hours.

I got my haircut on Friday. I ended up getting a babysitter, because after three reschedules between me and stylist I was determined to get it done. Of course, the first available was on the one day that daycare was closed. Her next available appointments were all in the evenings, and I never know what time Ty is going to get off, so Friday was the day. I had five inches cut off and it feels so much better!

On Saturday we enjoyed a family day before Ty went in that evening to work. 

I think it's safe to say that he loves the car!




I put together an arrangement for the back porch.

Sunday morning before church.



Checking out his basket

Giving his bunny a hug


 Jack and I plan to spend the rest of the day outside with his car and the bubbles that came in his Easter basket while Ty rests up from working all night.

Friday, March 29

Hoppy Easter!


Wednesday, March 27

Easter Treats

I made a little treat to give to Jack's teachers at daycare for Easter--bunny bait! It is white chocolate covered popcorn with pieces of pretzels, m&m's and sprinkles. The popcorn is addicting and something that I always make at Christmas.


Bunny Bait
1. Pop a bag of popcorn per instructions on the bag.
2. Melt two squares of white almond bark.
3. Put popcorn & pretzel pieces in a gallon sized ziploc bag.
4. Pour melted almond bark over the popcorn, close the bag and shake.
5. Spread popcorn on top of a wax paper lined cookie sheet.
6. Immediately sprinkle on m&m's and sprinkles.
7. Let the almond bark harden for a few minutes and then package the popcorn mixture.

I forgot to add the pretzel pieces to my ziploc bag, so I just sprinkled them on top. I would recommend adding them to the bag, so they get a coating of almond bark.


I discovered a great way to attach tags to packages. (I have a tiny hole punch from Hobby Lobby that surprisingly, I use quite a bit. I should invest in a circle punch out next! It is hard to cut out circles.)
I bought clear hair bands at Wal-Mart and attached them to my tags like this:

Then I simply placed them around the top of my clear bags, which I had secured with another clear band. I simply tied my ribbon around the bag and it made the tag lay exactly as it should. So simple!

If anyone is interested in the circles, you can download a printable pdf here. It won't contain the from or name, but would still be cute! I had a hard time finding something in boy colors, so I decided to make my own.

Monday, March 25

My Best Friend's Wedding

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My best friend got married on March 16. I was honored to be a bridesmaid and stand beside her on her big day. It was a beautiful wedding, although the whole weekend was exhausting due to a sick baby. Jack started running a fever Thursday morning. I was able to get him in quick to see the doctor, because we were leaving the next morning for wedding festivities. Unfortunately, I took him in too soon and they weren't able to diagnose him with anything other than a viral infection. I was not able to participate in the reception set-up on Friday morning or the actual reception. Having a sick baby at home is exhausting; having a sick baby in a hotel room is even worse. Poor thing. He just felt awful. We ended up skipping the reception and driving the two hours home even though we had already paid for our hotel that night. I felt awful about not being at the reception. I took Jack back to the doctor on Monday and it turns out my poor baby had the flu! It took him a long time to recover, and we finally got our happy boy back on Sunday--a week and a half later.

I do have a few pictures from the wedding weekend. I cannot wait for Chesley to get the photos back from the photographer!

Rehearsal! Please look at the Ring Bearer's outfit. He is the bride's nephew and I just loved his outfit.

Kelsey and I sporting our bridesmaids' gifts--new robes! Chesley had a matching white one and I know it made for some fun group pictures!

Doing a bridesmaid duty and assisting with her bridal shots, aka, snapping photos with my phone and straightening the train. :)


Jack kept staring at Chesley. I think he thought she was a beautiful bride!

My sad, sleep deprived, sick family.

I did snap a few pictures of the reception hall as we were finishing up some last minute details on Saturday morning. I know it must have looked amazing at night all lit up by the glow of hundreds of candles.




A better picture of Jack's wedding outfit. He wore it to church the previous week and I snapped this picture in the car.

Friday, March 15

Miss Blakley Jane


My niece was born on March 1 and we made the trip home that weekend to meet her. She is just precious!

Mason is a great big brother!




 I put her in the little outfit and headband I bought to give her at the hospital. It is a preemie sleeper. Mason and Jack were so tiny and I expected Blakley to be the same. She was over 7 lbs and won't be able to wear this sleeper for long.


One advantage to waiting so long to post about her arrival is getting to use a few of the professional pictures.


I made the name banner for her shower and I was so excited to see that LeAnn used it as a photo prop. :)

Tuesday, March 5

8 months

Oh my, we are getting further and further away from the newborn days. I hate that time is going by so fast, but love that you are becoming a little person. I described you as being busy last month and this has definitely remained true.

DSC01467 copy

If you really want something you do a sort of army crawl to get to it. Really, you just grip at the ground with your hands and pull yourself forward. You love to be upside down and have recently started kicking off the back of the chair while I'm nursing you, so that you can hang upside down. Crazy boy!

Possibly the cutest thing this month has been your head shaking. You have no idea that you are shaking your head no, but you do it over and over. You are learning to wave bye and clap. You have also developed a new smile where you scrunch up your whole face. I'm telling you, kid, it's adorable!

Jack, you continue to love bath time, standing up, and playing peek-a-boo with Daddy. He puts you down in our big king size bed and lifts the covers over you. You just smile and laugh. Speaking of laughter, you are finally sharing more and more of it. It is the best sound! There are certain tickle spots that guarantee a giggle or two, but you will laugh at something funny we do or me kissing your belly.

DSC01489 copy

You love to play chase around the house. I'll hold you and we either run from Daddy or we chase him. Either way you just laugh and laugh. Your Grandma bought you a book for Halloween, called Mouse's First Halloween. Daddy has been reading it to you and when he gets to the part where the mouse says, "Eeeeek!" (which happens on every page), you just giggle.

You have started giving hugs when we hold you and will occasionally pat our backs. This just melts my heart!
You are eating more and more baby food. You are a big fan of greek yogurt and fruit. We give you whole pieces of food to munch on and your favorites are red and green bell pepper strips and pickles. No teeth yet, but you can gum those foods into big pieces, so we have to watch you carefully.

DSC01480 copy

You have not been napping much at daycare. I think there is just too much going on and you don't want to miss out. Thankfully, you will take good naps for us on the weekend. Of course, you are in a quiet, dark environment at home.You are also still sleeping through the night.

Jack, you are very sweet and happy. You love to smile! I bet by next month we will have a very mobile baby on our hands! It has been a wonderful seven months, baby boy.


Weight: 18 lbs (weighed at home)
Height: ?
Clothes: 3-6 months, 6 months footed sleepers
Diaper: size 2
Nicknames: Jack Attack, sugar bear, munchkin, baby Jack, sweet boy

Friday, March 1

sweet mementos

I have been meaning to post Jack's 6 month photos for quite awhile. He will be 8 months on Saturday, so it is probably time. 8 months, sheesh, time is flying! I just love the pictures Jessica was able to capture. If you are in the area and looking for a photographer let me know and I can send you her contact information. She is the wife of one of our medical students. I will definitely be using her again!

Lightroom PRINT (3 of 14)

Lightroom PRINT (2 of 14)

Lightroom PRINT (1 of 14)

Lightroom PRINT (4 of 14)

Lightroom PRINT (5 of 14)

Lightroom PRINT (6 of 14)
This photo shows what he did so often as a 5 & 6 month old--playing with his tongue with his mouth closed. 

 Lightroom PRINT (7 of 14)

 Lightroom PRINT (10 of 14)

 Lightroom PRINT (11 of 14)

 Lightroom PRINT (13 of 14)

By the time we changed him into this blue outfit he let us know that he was done with photos! She captured all these great shots in around 20 minutes, so it's not like we were torturing him. haha. 
 Lightroom PRINT (14 of 14)

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