Friday, January 25

scenes from our weekend

Last weekend was a four day weekend for Jack and I. Unfortunately, Ty had to work the majority of the weekend. We did manage to spend some family time together, though.

My best friend from high school, Chelsey, and I were able to get together on Saturday morning. Jack is two months older than Hudson. It is so fun to both have boys that are so close in age.


We love when we are all able to snuggle together in the morning hours and take a little snooze.
Ty started nights Monday night, so we had the morning to spend together. He had to nap that afternoon to prepare to be up all night.

We have a Waffle House really close to us and we have been saying for months that we needed to go eat breakfast there. It was a nice, little outing and I love me some breakfast food.

Jack is obsessed with the strings on Ty's clothing. He somehow wears a lot of things with strings. Maybe it's all those scrub pants.

Jack sat in a high chair for the first time at a restaurant. Such a big boy!

We love to send daddy lots of pictures when he is working. I believe the caption for this photo went something like this, "Pretty proud of his first poo in the bathtub incident." Haha. Lovely.

This weekend I am hosting a small "sprinkle" baby shower for my sister. I can't wait to share it with y'all.

I'm hosting a Stella & Dot trunk show until the end of the month. See the post here.

Thursday, January 24

Stella and Dot Trunk Show

I am a big fan of Stella and Dot and own several great pieces from them. Stella and Dot provides excellent customer service and even replaced a necklace that had broke after a couple of years of wear. I don't know about you, but I love a company that values it's customers and stands behind their products. 

The Spring line has me pining after several new pieces! I fell in love with the new bangles after Christine tweeted this picture. (If you purchase an item you are automatically entered to win a white julep bangle.) 

I also have my eye on the Serenity Stone earrings. Such a fun color!
.....Let's Shop!....
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Lindsey from Sweet Simplicity's

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Don't be afraid to reach out to Christine with any questions! That's what she's here for - no question is off-limits. Happy Shopping!

Wednesday, January 16

play time (scenes from our weekend)




This face cracks me up. The flash was a little bright.



Saturday, January 12

Jack's first Christmas, part two

We spent Christmas Eve with Ty's family and Christmas day with my family. It is so nice to have everyone in the same town. It makes the holidays so much easier.

Sunday night Santa came to visit all the kids at Ty's parent's church. Jack got to chat with the big man.

Christmas Eve pictures:
Jack with his stocking and all his goodies.

Jack and Granddad enjoying the quiet before the rest of the family arrives. Doesn't Jack look like an old cowboy with his red butt flap jammies and cowboy boots?

Jack and Wade
All the boys love to be in just their underwear. It cracks me up.

Jack really wanted Lillian's Barbie.

With Aunt Amy


Jack met Great-Grandad Connie for the first time. Jack loved his glasses.


We were supposed to head to my parent's house on Christmas day. The big talk was snow for Christmas. Well, around 1 am Jack was awake and fussy and we heard it start to rain. We were afraid it was going to turn to freezing rain, and we did not want to travel on icy roads. Even if it is a less than 10 minute drive. We made the decision to pack up and head to my parent's house. Thankfully, my mom was still up and my parents were happy to see us (or really Jack) even if it was the middle of the night. Jack's first Christmas was a white Christmas! It was way too cold and windy to get him out in it, but it was definitely fun to see snow!

Mason and Jack



I packed a lot of cute Christmas outfits for Jack, but he (and I) work pajamas the majority of the time.

Uncle Derek and Jack watching YouTube videos.

Jack & Grandpa

Sunday, January 6

6 months

You are becoming such a big boy! 6 months old! This month has brought about a lot of changes in you. It makes me so sad that you aren't my tiny baby anymore. When I carry you around you push away from me and want to be facing out. You are so curious about everything around you.

DSC01122 copy

You had a lot of firsts this month: your first Christmas, first bout of sickness (ear infection & a cold), first taste of oatmeal cereal, and sitting up on your own. You love to stand with assistance and just the past couple of days have started sitting on your own for short periods of time. You moved up to the next baby classroom at daycare. I think you miss your old teacher Miss Sally, but you love all the activity in your new room.

I have been waiting to start you on cereal until I felt you were showing signs of being ready and that happened right after you turned 6 months. You have become very observant while we are eating. The other day I was drinking out of a cup with a straw and you ripped the straw out of my mouth and stuck it in yours. We got a cute video of you eating for the first time. You thought it was pretty tasty. You have started playing with your pacifier and can take it out and put it back in. You have also started to hold your bottle at daycare and at your night time bottle with Dad.

DSC01145 copy

You love playing with your feet and have started sucking on your toes. You have discovered your tongue and are always moving it around with your mouth closed. It is quite amusing to see you working hard on something with your mouth closed. We aren't quite sure what you are doing, but you do it frequently.

Jack, you are our happy boy and freely give away smiles. You are still pretty stingy with those giggles. You got several new toys for Christmas and you love that they are interactive. You are chewing on everything and have become interested in chewing on our fingers. Nuts is now on your radar, and I'm not sure he is too happy about it. We play "chase" him around the living room. I bet the word "gentle" will be used a lot in the coming years.

DSC01136 copy

My favorite part of the day is when your daddy arrives home from work. You give the biggest smiles and are just so happy to see him.

As sad as I am to see little pieces of being a baby disappear I look forward to each new milestone. We love you, baby boy. You are such a joy!


DSC01139 copy

Weight: 14 lbs, 4 oz (4th percentile)
Height: 26.6 inches (52nd percentile)
Clothes: 3-6 months, 6 months footed sleepers
Diaper: size 1
Nicknames: Jack Attack, sugar bear, munchkin, baby Jack, sweet boy, and your cousins have started calling you Jackie.

Thursday, January 3

Jack's First Christmas, part 1

Jack had a great first Christmas! It started with just our family on the 22nd, and despite my being sick it was a great morning.

Checking out his stocking stuffers!

Picking up Daddy's present to give to him

The paper is fun!


Our Christmas breakfast!

This was the first year in our marriage that we bought each other gifts. We decided during medical school to forgo gifts to each other, so we could buy for our families. Last year, with Ty being in residency and earning a small salary we bought each other stocking stuffers. This year we did both stockings and gifts. Moving up in the world. hahaha.

I started running a fever on Saturday and had to stay away from Jack as much as possible. We decided at the last minute to pack up and head home a day early. I could be sick anywhere and this way Ty had help with Jack and got to spend time with family. It was a good decision and I finally started feeling better a couple of days later on Christmas Eve.

Celebrating Christmas with a baby brought so much happiness and excitement! I can't wait until next year when he will be more aware of what is happening.
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