Sunday, February 28


I'm sure many of you read Megan's blog and those of you that don't, should. She is someone that I have become friends with in real life and she is the sweetest girl. Megan is pregnant and due in June. She and her husband recently found out that Cohen has four heart defects. She is constantly in my thoughts and prayers. Please pray for strength for them, health for Cohen, and for the doctors that are working with her.

Sunday, February 21

Weekend Recap & a Winner

Belle, lucky number 13, is the winner of the pre-designed blog template.

Congrats Belle!
Thank you all for the sweet comments on the templates!

Saturday afternoon, Ty and I headed to his sister's house. We hadn't seen them in a couple of months and it was so much fun to catch up. Amy and Brent made a delish dinner! We left stuffed.

Align Center

Checking out Amy's blog book she did on blurb. I have got to make one of those.

There were lots of Wii games played.
We introduced Lillian to Just Dance and she was a little hesitant and shy at first, but then she loved it! She kept playing Who Let the Dogs Out?. haha! Ty is sore today from playing with her.

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Friday, February 19

UPDATE: That is not my ultra sound picture. I know it can be misleading if you see the picture before reading. :) haha!

I'm too tired to formulate a complete blog post, so random bullets it is.

  • Spring semester is in full swing and work is busy. I worked a 14 hr. day yesterday, but I got to spend time with some great current students who made the time fly by.
  • I drive extremely slow when I get tired. I physically cannot speed. Ahem, not that I speed when I'm not tired.
  • We are going to visit Ty's sister and her family tomorrow after my work event. I can't wait to spend time with them.
  • Yes, work on a Saturday. It will be a fun event though.
  • My sister found out she is having BOY!!
Isn't this the sweetest picture?!? He is sucking his thumb. Awww!

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Wednesday, February 17

Giveaway Time

It is giveaway time! I have been working on pre-designed blog templates for my blog design site. I am going to offer a choice of any of the pre-designed templates below for the winner.
These designs will be installed by me and can work for bloggers that have 3 columns as well.

The simple rules:
-Leave a comment below.
-Blog about this and get a 2nd entry.
The winner will be chosen on Saturday.

click to see a live preview of any design.

{Blue Bird}

{Swirls & Scallops}

{Orange Lattice}

{Citrine Happiness}

{Eggplant Happiness}

Monday, February 15

Valentine's Day

I had a bit of a virus on my computer last week. It kept bringing up inappropriate sites and wouldn't let me close them. I use my work laptop at home, so it was quite embarrassing to call IT and let them know what was happening. They fixed it, but had to re-image my computer. I think I finally have everything installed back onto the computer.

I had the perfect Valentine's weekend. Friday night we had a date night involving Chili's. I love that place. Saturday we went out to eat at Genghis Grill with a couple from Ty's class. We had such a good time catching up with them. Genghis is a Mongolian stir fry place where you build your own bowl of food. Neither one of us had been before. It was yummy!

For the past couple of years we have had the tradition of Ty cooking me a yummy meal at home to celebrate Valentine's Day. This year he made me rack of lamb, grilled green beans and grilled potatoes. IT. WAS. DELISH. Oh my, oh so good!

I made molten lava cake for dessert.

Nuts stared at us during the whole dinner. Poor guy wanted some lamb.

Megan, one of my student workers, made Nuts a few treats.
Aren't they adorable?!?!

After dinner Ty took me to see Valentine's Day. It was good! Not a spectacular movie by any means, but very cute. I have the best valentine. Love you, Ty!
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Tuesday, February 9

Mission of Mercy

This past Friday and Saturday our school teamed up with an organization call Mission of Mercy. MOM was a free dental clinic that was open to anyone. There was no background or financial screening of any kind. I saw people of every age, race, and social class. People camped overnight to get in line for this. Our medical students helped in the triage area. Patients had to be screened for high blood pressure, glucose tests, etc. before they were seen by the dentists.

This event was incredible and there is such a need in our state. 904 people were seen in triage on Friday; 956 people on Saturday. After patients were seen in triage, they were taken to the dental floor. After having dental work done they were led through a booth area. I volunteered at the medical school booth. We handed out preventative health brochures, bandaids, and had a smoking cessasation area set up. People could see a good heart vs. a bad heart and a good lung vs. a bad lung (real cadaver body parts). The kids loved this. Then the patients were led to the pharmacy for free prescriptions if needed for pain. They completed a quick survey and then were free to go. It was controlled chaos! Such an amazing thing to be a part of!
Ty working in triage.

The dental work area was divided into different sections: surgery, pediatric dentistry, restorative, dental hygiene, etc.

No dental clinic is complete without the Tooth Fairy....and Captain Supertooth???

Ty and I volunteered on Friday and Saturday for the morning shifts. I stuffed orange bag after orange bag with brochures, hour after hour. I have never been more sore. I can only imagine how sore the dentists were from sitting in the same position for hours at a time without a break.
This free dental clinic plans to rotate through the four quadrants of our state every year. It took a lot of people, money, and time to put this event on and I hope it continues to be a success every year.

All pictures were taken with my phone, hence the blurriness.

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Sunday, February 7

Kitchen Queens {february}

Our January Kitchen Queens was cancelled due to the winter storm and the only time to reschedule was the first week of February. So this KQ is a January/February one.

All the pretty girls
Jenny, me, Dayna, Kathryn, Megan, Emily & her daughter Cate.

Ryan playing with Cate. LOVE those ruffles on her little booty.

Megan's pink ruffle bowl is so pretty.

The food had to be pink or red to keep with our theme of Valentine's Day.
I took chocolate covered strawberries.
It was so much fun to hang out with my bloggy friends! I can't wait for the next one!

Tuesday, February 2

I had the privilege of eating lunch with my great-grandlittle, Lisa yesterday. We ate at my favorite bakery. They have the best bread and potato soup ever. I love it when little eateries put their soup in coffee mugs.
This is the one I had yesterday.

I saw an ad for Sally Hansen's new nail polish in one of my recent magazines. It boasts that it is a complete manicure that includes the base coat, strengthener, growth treatment, color and top coat. That is quite the line-up. I had pretty low expectations, but tried it anyways.
I picked up a bottle of pale pink, Shall We Dance.
{photo credit here}
I was pleasantly surprised by this polish. It is more pricey than the usual Sally Hansen products. (I paid $7.49 at Wal-Greens.) I filed my nails down with one of those 4 way emory boards, which smoothed everything out. The brush is thick and it applied really well. I love the way the color turned out. I will definitely be picking up more colors soon. I liked this bottle more than OPI.

{sally hansen did not provide my bottle of nail polish, nor ask me to do a review. If they would like to send me this polish in every color I certainly wouldn't turn them down. :)}
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