Friday, October 28

la casa

This has been a pretty stressful selling and buying process and we are so glad today is moving day! Unfortunately, Ty was not able to switch shifts with anyone at work. We had some great friends help me load up the U-Haul last night and more friends will help me unload later today. We feel incredibly blessed and thankful for all of the help we have received! I will be signing double time this afternoon at closing, since Ty can't be there. Thankfully, our Power of Attorney was approved and I'll sign for him and for me.

We were able to pre-sign on our current home, so we don't have to be there for that closing.
The last bit of paperwork was completed an hour ago, so it looks like this is all really going to happen! Yay!

Now for the good stuff! House pictures! These photos were the ones used in the listing.


I'm getting my dream kitchen: white cabinets, wood floors, dark granite. SO excited!




I love the front door! It is beautiful wood.

Can you guess which sink is going to be mine?
The long one has a cut out for a vanity seat.

another living room shot

master bedroom. see the doggy door? I'm curious to see if Nuts will use it.
I have a feeling he will be scared of it. haha. If so, the owners left the original door and we will replace it.

I'm excited to try out the convection oven to see if it really does cook better.

We hope to get some good use out of this patio.

The yards are tiny and we are thrilled. I'll be doing the majority of the lawn maintenance, since Ty works so much and it will be so easy! Or he can do it because it won't take very long.

Our new refrigerator should be delivered tomorrow morning and then we will be set! Well, other than all that new furniture we are dreaming about. :)

Tuesday, October 25

my little guys & etsy

A weekend at home is not complete without several pictures of the little guys in my life.

Nathan in his cool shades.

My sister, brother and I had one of these motorized jeeps growing up and we loved it!


Hi Wade!


Don't you just love the little shirt Mason is wearing? I found it on Etsy and thought it was adorable. I'm not a huge fan of babies/toddlers in sports clothes. Not sure why. It's just not my style. But I couldn't pass this one up!
Mason's was done in red and the seller added his name below the truck. via KY Girls Crafts
You can ask for the truck to be in any color to match your favorite team.

I've actually been meaning to do a post on my recent (last 6 months) etsy purchases. I love discovering fun things on there to buy as presents.

Bought this mousepad for my sister in turquoise and brown
via Rogue&CO
I would love to have some of their coasters for our new house!

Melamine plates for our niece and one of our nephews. Loved having a plate with my name on it as a kid. Hopefully, they do too!

I just loved the polka dot wrapping paper I used for Lillian's plate.

via Simply Stella

via Raspberry Bowtique

Cute Alligator Hat
via Bella Tu Designs

Letterpress Birthday cards, write in the name
via TheSparkCollective

Baby gowns for my favorite twins

And bloomers!
gowns and bloomers via Graysie Bug's Boutique

Speaking of Knox and Sloane, I have to share these boston terrier onesies I made them inspired by their doggie, Elton

Have you found anything great on etsy lately?

Sunday, October 23

I went to a wedding this weekend for a sweet friend from college, Joy. When I decided to transfer colleges after my freshman year, Joy was one of the first people Ty introduced me to. They had become friends through church and he just knew we would be good friends. Joy is one of my most kind and genuine friends and I was so happy to be there on her big day. Unfortunately, Ty had to work this weekend and had to miss the happy event.

Ready to be carried down the aisle by the ring bearers and flower girls

The ceremony
Joy had her sister stand beside her at the altar and James had his dad stand beside him. I thought that was so sweet.

Joy had special ladies from her life bring a few desserts as a way to be a part of the wedding.



The ring bearers and flower girls, along with the bride all wore toms. The flower girls wore silver sequins ones. So cute and so Joy!




Several of you asked where I got the templates for the covers of the recipe binders I made. I actually designed the covers myself in Adobe Illustrator. Thanks for all the compliments on them!

Thursday, October 20

wedding gifts: a personal touch

Two of my dear friends are getting or already got married this month. One was last weekend and the other is this coming weekend. I bought them each gifts off of their registries, but decided to get a little creative with part of their presents.

When Ty and I first got married I had no clue what I was going to make for dinner every night. I would spend hours surfing through I eventually built up a binder of tried and true recipes mostly found on websites. Now, I have my favorite recipe blogs to supply me with new, scrumptious recipes. I got married right after college graduation, so cooking every night was new to me. (I lived in a sorority house for two years with a cook and only one semester on my own in an apt.)

I thought I would pass something similar onto my friends, Joy and Kelsey. I took a white binder and made inserts for the cover, sides, and back with their new monograms. I printed all my favorite recipes and put them in sleeves to protect them while cooking. I also wrote a few notes on some of the recipes and included a letter to each friend at the front of the binder. I hope this is something that they can get good use out of and add new recipes to it as well.

I forgot to take a picture of Kelsey's before I gave it to her, but this is what her front cover looked like:

I have already had one friend tell me that she wants one of these for her wedding. ha. I hope that these binders help them create lots of happy memories in the kitchen.

Tuesday, October 18

wedding details

This past weekend Ty and I headed out of town for a sorority sister and dear friend's wedding. The ceremony and reception were on the groom's family's land and it made for a gorgeous setting. I loved every little detail of this wedding. It was such a fun, casual, and meaningful event!

I love weddings and all the details involved, so be prepared for a picture overload.

They had the cutest signs pointing us in the right direction. I had to take this as we were leaving, because there were too many cars behind us on the way in to stop and snap a picture.

The curly willow branches, the moss letters, white pumpkins--love it all.

the programs


Kelsey and her dad drove up in the cutest car.

The only picture I got of her with her bouquet. haha. darn photographers.
Do you see her cowboy boots poking out? :)



the ceremony seating with vintage quilts

Congratulations Josh & Kelsey!

Reception photos:

Love this detail, especially with the wedding date burlap pillow

table centerpieces

groom's cake


Kelsey added straps to her gown for the reception.

Loved Chesley's bridesmaids updo

There was a lot of food at the reception and they even had a bonfire with s'mores. yum!

I could not get rid of our red eyes on flickr, so you get b&w.
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