Friday, May 15

Recapping Mother's Day

My Mother's Day weekend was made so special by those that I love! Ty worked 30 hours on Friday/Saturday and another 12 hours on Sunday, so I didn't have many expectations for the weekend. I picked Jack up from school and he was so excited to give me the present he made complete with special wrapping paper!

I wanted to make sure to remember the spider stamp he chose to use! 
 His teacher had snapped this picture on Valentine's Day. I'm not wearing any make-up, as I guess I stayed home that day not feeling well. Jack was so happy to have me come to his class party and I love the way he is hugging on me! So happy she saved this picture and remembered to use it for Mother's Day.

I took Jack to a local grocery store after school where they were hosting a grilling roadshow. We went last year too and had so much fun. They have free grilled meats, pineapple, salad (Yes, salad! Who knew you could grill lettuce?? It was delish!), etc to sample. They also had free sno cones from our favorite sno cone stand and a balloon artist for the kids.

When we made it home later that evening I walked into a house full of flowers. Ty had a few cases at a hospital closer to our house that morning and stopped by the house to leave me flowers before heading to his main hospital. I was so surprised!

My surprise continued later that evening when I finally made my way to my bathroom and saw this mini orchid. It is beautiful!

Saturday morning I met a couple of friends for brunch to celebrate baby Paxton. They both drove a couple of hours from different parts of the state to meet up with me. Our lives are so busy and I felt so loved that they gave up a Saturday morning to celebrate this new baby! 

We got home that afternoon right before Ty. Jack and Ty both took a nap, then I could hear them making plans to give me a present. Ty hopped in the shower, but Jack couldn't wait to give me my surprise. He came out of the bedroom carrying a "Happy Mother's Day" balloon. Ty had a few other sweet gifts including earrings and a "Thank God for Mommy" book for Jack and I to read together. Ty let Jack pick out his own card for me and he chose one of those musical cards, but instead of a song it was of a unicorn farting. Ty said he was pretty insistent that I would like it. Haha. We went to dinner to round out the celebration. It was perfect!

I almost forgot! I saw these cute questionnaires last year and decided that the next year Jack would be able to sorta answer the questions. I printed this off for Ty and asked him if he could do it with Jack. Because, really, it's not like he has Pinterest. 

My favorite part is the last question: I love my mom because...Because I don't like her. Bhahahaha! I laughed so hard I had to get up and walk around to calm down. Backstory: Jack has been on a daddy kick lately. Ty has been gone a lot and when he is home Jack is all over him. Jack has started telling me, "I don't like you. I do love you though." After the first couple of times, I started asking more questions about where he had heard that. It is a lovely sentiment he picked up from school. It cracks me up that he said it for the questionnaire. Ty said he tried to ask him the question several times and got the same response each time. We talk pretty frequently about our favorite colors, so I was suprised by his answer. Neither are my favorite colors. I also think "the I love it when my mom...hearts" has to do with me cutting out hearts for him to craft with. I wanted the questionnaire to perfectly capture where he is at this stage and it so did! Haha.

Sunday morning we went on a walk before church and had a low-key day. 

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