Monday, May 30

vacay, part 1

Ty & I went on vacation last week with his family to Orange Beach, Alabama. It was a wonderful week! On the way down to Alabama, Ty & I spent the night in New Orleans. Ty had never been before, so it was fun to show him the French Quarter.


We ate the best char-grilled oysters at the Acme Oyster House and had dessert at Cafe
Du Monde. Yummy!

The next morning we headed toward Orange Beach. Southern Living did a great article a few months ago about the Alabama coastline. They featured Dauphin Island and I knew we had to include it in our trip. We drove over a long bridge to get the island on one side and left on a ferry on the other side to get to Orange Beach.
We bought some goodies from Lighthouse Bakery and got lunch from a local fish market that steams seafood for you. We enjoyed it in some shade with a gorgeous view.

While driving around the island we found a walking trail that was probably the size of 2-3 housing lots. It was a big square in a middle of a neighborhood. It felt like you were walking into a secret place. The trees reminded me of Savannah with all the spanish moss hanging off the branches.

The ferry ride was the best part! It was so nice to be out on the water.



Tuesday, May 24

tiny prints giveaway!

We have a winner! Kristin from Our Life Beyond the Game! Congrats Kristin! I'll be contacting you shortly.

Tiny Prints provides a great selection of stationery! They have a very user friendly site, especially when it comes to personalizing an item. The products I have from there are very high quality and the paper was thick, which is a huge plus in my book.

A few of my faves!


Oh letterpress, how I love thee!


The front:

The back: I just love fun little details like this!





The giveaway is for a $25 gift certificate to Tiny Prints! To enter all you have to do is leave me a comment. Winner will be announced on Thursday.

Thursday, May 19



Happy Anniversary to the sweetest husband I know! It has been a wonderful four years!

He did the most thoughtful thing last week. I came home from work early on Friday to prepare for the graduation party. I was on the phone with Chesley as I pulled into the garage to see the cutest thing ever---a beach cruiser. Poor girl had to listen to me scream into the phone about my cute, new bike! The man bought ME a graduation present. Isn't that sweet?!


Yes, technically, he is the one who graduated from medical school (don't worry I bought him some gifts too) but he wanted to get me something to say thank you for the support the last four years.

I have been wanting one of these ever since our trip to New Jersey. He picked out the perfect bike and wicker basket and even added flowers. We are looking forward to cruising the neighborhood and the bike trails next to our house.

DSC_304 copy

Monday, May 16


I hosted a graduation party for Ty at our house Friday evening. Graduation started at 7, so there wasn't really a good time for the party. We are going on vacation with his family soon, so people were wanting to get home the next day to relax and plan for the trip. Ty and I decided to do a party before the actual graduation ceremony. I'm so glad that everyone was able to come! I know it was quite the trip to make and that people had to take off work and leave school early. It meant a lot to us that people were there.








Chocolate chip cookies as favors


Did you notice those two huge balloons by the food table? I may have gone a little overboard with balloons. They barely fit in my car after I left the party store.

Ty with his parents

With his niece and nephew

The processional

Ty's Dad, who is a veterinarian, was able to hood Ty. It was very special!


Isn't he a cute doctor?!
So proud of him!

Sunday, May 15

Award Winners

Ty and I are in a post-graduation stage of exhaustion. It was quite the week! Wednesday night his class had a dinner and a dance at the Petroleum Club downtown. It was so much fun to get all dressed up.




We love this couple and wish them all the best in their residency!
They met in med school and got married after their 2nd year.

Thursday night was the awards banquet.
My office puts on graduation each year and the banquet is usually the place where I contribute the most. My boss was very insistent that I attend all events as a spouse. I was so thankful for this! I did help with the prep work, which included making these party favors.
Jessica at Diamond Doll Designs made the tags for us. She did them on an extremely tight deadline and they turned out perfect!! Thanks, Jess! The bags were stuffed with orange & black m&m's.

The best part of the night was both of us came home with awards!
Ty won the Surgery Department Award and I won an award that is given out to a spouse each year that has contributed to the class in some way. It was such an honor!

Monday, May 9

Celebrations and Blessings

This is a big week at our house. Friday night, Ty will graduate from medical school. We have several events throughout the week to celebrate this momentous occasion. I am beyond happy and proud of my husband, but the biggest thing I feel this week is blessed.

Blessed that God put us in this city. This city that I did not want to move to after graduation and our wedding. Now, I can't imagine living any where else. I love this place.

Blessed that Ty got into his number one school.
Blessed that, that said school hired me.
Blessed that I love my job and it is a great fit for me.
Blessed that my best friend from college moved here for grad school and stayed.
Blessed that I have a great group of friends here that I met through blogging.
Blessed that Ty got his number one residency choice and we get to stay in this city.
Blessed that our marriage survived medical school.
Blessed that my husband loves me and me him.

I'm very thankful for everything God has blessed us with. It has been a great four years!

Wednesday, May 4

Clothing Sale!

Please let me know if you have questions about an item:
E-mail me to purchase and item and I will send you a paypal invoice. $3 shipping on all items.

Dress from my sister's wedding. Worn only once!
J.Crew Chiffon, size 0, $45
this picture represents the color the best.
LND wedding 009

close-up of the top:

SOLD Yellow silk Target top: Merona, size XS, $12
worn only once

SOLD Berry dress from Target: Merona, size 2, $12
never worn

Blue chiffon dress from Target, Merona, xs, $12
worn only once. the waist has a wide elastic band to help accentuate your waist. a bow ties to the side on the neckline.

SOLD Nude beaded top from Express, size S, $20
Gorgeous top! worn once.

Monday, May 2

Target Finds

I spotted the shoe on the right at Target and then the next day saw the shoe on the left by Steve Madden at Dillard's. The price difference is over $40. I already have a pair of wedges for the spring/summer, but wanted to share! :)

I have found the most forgiving swimsuit ever from Target! I believe it is only available online and comes in several different colors. I bought the black, but the model in the black swimsuit was posed all weird and the suit is not flattering on her.
Screen Captures1
This suit sucks you in at all the right places and is comfortable. Perfect for our upcoming beach vacation!

Have any of you signed up for the Target debit card? I signed up for it last night and saved $9. It is not a credit card and they do not run your credit for approval. All you do is give them a blank check to run through the system and your total Target amount comes out from your bank account. You save 5% on each purchase that you use your card. The savings are applied right then and there. Genius!

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