Friday, September 13

five on friday


{one} I have started doing yoga and I'm absolutely loving it. I always thought it was a weird "workout" consisting of stretching. How good of a workout can that be? I was very wrong. It is hard, but in a good way. You have to be strong to do the poses. I'm going to beginner's classes and trying to do one hot yoga class a week. The temperature in the yoga studio for hot yoga will be around 95 degrees. I'm able to fit the classes in on my lunch break, which for the classes I'm taking at 1:30 is ideal because I leave work at 4, so I don't have to spend much time in my office being stinky. haha. Now, I just need to convince Ty that I need some Lululemon workout gear...

{two}I lost my favorite Stella and Dot earrings last week. I'm going to give it one more week for them to turn up, then I'll have to place another order. I wear them so much. I'm typically a pearl studs type of girl, but I love this pair.
stelladot fiona

{three}Ty and I have our 10 year high school reunion next weekend. I feel like facebook has kind of ruined reunions. I'm sure it will still be a good time though.

{four} The pumpkin patches are opening soon around here and I can't wait to take Jack! We didn't go last year since he was just a few months old. The pumpkin patch close to us is partnering with a photographer and will have mini sessions available at the end of September.  I signed Jack up, since I doubt I'll be able to get any good shots of him myself.

{five} Mini popsicles. I bought some for Jack at Target. I don't like to give him a lot of sweets. He is a really good eater right now and I feel like as soon as introduce sugar (besides the tons of fruit he consumes) he will stop eating all the good stuff. This may stem from my desire to eat all things sweet. Anyway, I decided these popsicles would be a fun treat. I've noticed him rubbing them on his gums to help soothe teething pain.

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