Friday, April 30

Double date

We went to dinner last night with Chesley and Lane. There were several restaurants downtown participating in a fundraiser for, H.O.P.E., an organization that helps local people who have HIV. We all headed downtown to Caz's for dinner.

I hadn't seen Chesley since Easter, which is probably a record for us. :) We had such a good time and Ty was even adventurous enough to try chicken and waffles.
After dinner we walked to a spot known as the Center of the Universe. It is a spot in downtown where you can stand and hear your own echo. When you step out of the spot you can't hear it.
IMG_4369 copy

Standing at the Center of the Universe.
IMG_4373 copy

IMG_4374 copy

I can't wait for our next double date!

Wednesday, April 28

Crown & Crumpet--San Fran

I stumbled across the cutest English tea room in San Francisco, Crown and Crumpet.

Everything in this place makes me swoon.

A polka dot menu and pink & white tile floor, love it.

Reading an English book in an English tea room
IMG_4329 copy


I read so many English chick lit books and they always mention Hello! I was so happy to get to read it without visiting London. Although, I would definitely take a trip to London!

A store filled with the cutest things.

Do you think I would be considered an employee with a bad attitude if I hung this print in my office?? I love it!


Tuesday, April 27

What happens when I'm away

I was in San Francisco last week for work. I tried working on a blog post last night, but it turns out I have used all my photo storing space. Thankfully, some of my twitter friends told me about flickr. And I will be up and running soon!

I think having iPhones is an investment into our marriage. Seriously, Ty never used to text me before getting his iPhone and picture messaging--forget it. Now, we send each other pictures and texts all the time.

He sent me several pictures last week while I was on my trip that made me laugh out loud. What I'm about to show you did not make me laugh. It made me so sad.

A couple of years ago Ty bought Nuts a toy squirrel. It is the only toy that he has never torn up. I think it is because Nuts knows that Ty picked it out for him all own his own. I think he realized that is a big deal and therefore the squirrel became his special toy. The dog doesn't answer when we call his name, but say squirrel and he goes running through the house to find it so he can play.

So needless to say, I was very sad to see this picture.

And this picture.

But when I came home on Saturday the squirrel was in perfect shape. WHAT???
Ty, who is on a general surgery rotation, had performed a miracle on the squirrel, complete with hospital grade sutures.

Friday, April 23

recent reads

My recent reads or in some cases recent listens:

I still haven't seen the movie, but I really enjoyed the book. I had heard mixed messages about the The Loveley Bones and I'm glad I decided to give it a try for myself. It was a great listen!
I had heard great things about this book, American Wife, through the blogvine*.
I listened to it as well and it started a little slow, I enjoyed the middle, and the end seemed to drag. But that could have been because I was listening to it, instead of reading it. I know a lot of people liked it, so I think it is worth a shot if you are interested.

This book, Loving Frank, appeared in a People magazine a year or two ago and I filed it away in mind. I was looking for a book for my DC trip and came across this at Target. I was excited to read it, because Frank Lloyd Wright had an impact here in Oklahoma.
It was an interesting read and very different from my usual chick lit. It gives a somewhat historical and mostly fictional account of FLW's affair. It was much darker than I usually prefer, but I did like it.

After Loving Frank, I needed a good chick lit book. I found this book, The Little Lady Agency, at a used bookstore Ty and I visited. It was very cute and the best part is that it is part of a series. I love books in series! And Sophie Kinsella says it is "Deliciously Witty." Enough said.

Next up on my list:

The Help

Little Bee

*Ty recently coined the term blogvine after listening to me say, Oh I read about that on a blog. Now whenever I mention anything new he asks me if I heard that from my blog friends. What can I say? You all blog about great things!
Has anyone read these? Any other books I need to add to my queue?

Tuesday, April 20

latest designs

It was such a pleasure to work with these ladies! {You can click on the pictures to take you to the actual blog.}

Sweet Simplicity Designs

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Sunday, April 18

rainy weekend

Saturday morning Ty and I submitted our passport paperwork. We are on a countdown to our beach vacation! Yay! Afterward, we went to Gatsby's, a little cafe I had read about on a blog. I was so excited to discover it was attached to a used bookstore.

It was raining outside and all I wanted to do was browse books all day. It was the perfect setting.

Friday, April 16

A Tri & SanFran advice

Giveaway winner announced here.

My Dad participated in a triathlon this past Sunday. I was happy that I had scheduled my return flight from DC for really late Saturday night, not knowing at the time that he would be doing a triathlon the next morning. Ty and I got up even earlier than usual on Sunday morning and went and watched the race. I had never been to a triathlon before (it was my Dad's 2nd) and it was pretty chaotic.

The 400 participants start out swimming and enter the pool every ten seconds. They have a microchip of some sort that tracks their time to see how they finish, since they aren't all starting at the same time.
After the swimming, they run to their bikes and head out.

After the 12 mile bike ride (I think that is right) they finish up with a 2 mile run.
I am quite impressed with my parents. They have always been active, but this past year made a lifestyle change and are eating really healthy and exercising regularly.

I am heading to San Fransisco in a couple of weeks and need help planning my trip. It is unlike me to not have done any of my own research and that is where I need your help. What do I need to see, do, eat, etc?
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Wednesday, April 14

surprise date night

Last day to enter the giveaway!

Monday the weather was great and I decided to take Ty on a surprise date. We haven't spent a lot of time together with him being gone in March and my work trips, so I was excited to do something special for him. I even drove. I hate driving when we are together. I always try to make him drive.

I took him to Smashburger for a burger, hot dog and delish rosemary fries.

We sat outside and enjoyed the sunshine and each others company.
Then it was off to a self-serve frozen yogurt place. It is just like OrangeTree and I had my favorite vanilla and strawberry froyo with strawberries and fruity pebbles.
We finished up the evening by browsing through Lowe's, you know a man's store. I may have felt the urge to go to Target, but I resisted. After all this was a date planned for Ty, not for Lindsey. :)

Monday, April 12

DC in pictures

I was in DC last week for work meetings from Tuesday to really late Saturday night. The weather was so nice, although a little too warm for me (90s).

I was with a group of people from work and we headed to visit with our state's senators and congressman, well with their staff since it was a recess. We had time between our appointments and went to the Library of Congress. I had never been in before. Oh my, it was gorgeous!

Lots of marble, stained glass, and amazing details.

After our work duties were done we headed to sit
along the Potomac and ended up taking a boat cruise.

Part of my work group was the president of our school. The man has more energy than anyone I know. He made me get up from our table and walk toward these officers. Little did I know he was going to make me take a picture with them. haha.
We ended up at The Bethesda Crabhouse for dinner.
Yummy! I took a picture of the aftermath, but it was a bit much for the ol' blog.
But boy was it good.

Afterward dinner we stopped at this outdoor shopping center for gelato. I loved the outdoor setting with the flowers and lights.

I had a free day on Thursday and got to spend it with friends. One of my good childhood friends and her parents recently moved to Baltimore. They drove in to spend the day with me.
We had such a good time shopping and seeing a few exhibits at a Smithsonian.

I love wisteria. It smells so lovely.
Side note about wisteria...I found out while I was on this trip that my city is finally getting an Anthropologie!!!!! The store it is going into has a big pergola covered with wisteria. It is going to be the perfect setting for the store.

We saw Julia Child's kitchen, the ruby red slippers, and the first ladies' inaugural ball gowns.

We also saw the Hope Diamond and a lot of other fab jewels.

I would wear this crown everywhere if it were mine: the grocery store, work, walking Nuts, etc. love, love, love.
Last year when I was in DC I went to Georgetown Cupcakes. This year I wanted to visit Hello Cupcake in Dupont Circle. SOOOO glad I did. I fell in love with this cupcake bakery.


Ginger and I

See that pink cupcake. Strawberry buttercream frosting with strawberry cake. Pure heaven.

It was a great trip, but I was so happy when Ty and Nuts picked me up at the airport. There are a couple of work events happening in DC next year and I hope to return. What a fun city!

Don't forget to enter my giveaway!
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