Wednesday, May 23

Bumpdate: 31 weeks

31 weeks

How Far Along: 31 weeks

Total Weight Gain: 22 lbs;  I'm starting to swell, so this number varies a lot from day to day, but I think 22 is accurate.

Size of Baby: 3+ lbs and 18 inches long according to What to Expect...

Maternity Clothes: I'm starting to outgrow some of my early maternity pieces. Mostly those with a demi panel, which is too bad, because I hate full panel pants. I think I'll be living in dresses for the most part.

Gender: BOY!

Movement: Jack loves to just push out on my stomach. It is such a lovely feeling. :) I think he is already running out of space.

Sleep: Sleeping through the night except for bathroom breaks.

What I miss: Energy and being able to eat a lot at one time.

Cravings: Cereal, grapes and Chick-fil-a chocolate chip cookies. Oh my goodness, those cookies are amazing.

Other crazy symptoms: I think my hips are shifting, because I'm starting to have pains, especially at night. Nothing major is sticking out in my mind. I've had calf cramps for the past few weeks, but they aren't awful. My hair and skin is more oily. AND there is the swelling. Thankfully, it isn't bad. I'm scared it will get worse. I can still get my rings on, but I find myself taking them off at my desk, and have decided to just not wear them. I don't want to lose them.

Best Moment this week:
Working on the nursery. I love to go in there and just look at everything. It is getting closer to being done. I'm on the hunt for white shelves to go above the changing table.
I picked up these hooded towels from the embroidery place this week. I just love seeing his name on things!

Tuesday, May 22

weekend recap

Friday night I worked at graduation for the medical school. It is always such a special event and I love that I get to work with these students on a daily basis. Megan worked in our office for a year and we got to know each other really well. She even went on a couple of recruitment trips with me, including one to DC this past spring. We had a blast together!

We celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary on Saturday! It was the perfect day of relaxation and togetherness.
 DSC_304 copy 

We woke up and went to eat breakfast, and made a quick trip to Target. We discovered that our neighborhood and surrounding neighborhoods were all having garage sales, so we walked through the area and browsed. Later that evening we went to dinner and enjoyed each other's company. We don't have many Saturdays like that together, and it was absolutely perfect!

before dinner


my anniversary flowers

We also did some work on Jack's nursery. Nuts was a big help.

Evening stroll through the neighborhood

Tuesday, May 15

pretty papers

I had several people ask me how I made the hostess gifts for my shower at the school.


I designed them in photoshop and then printed and cut them all at Kinko's. I did the same thing for my hostess gifts at my shower a couple of weekends ago. I made them all labels to use on gifts, food, etc. I bought sheets of sticker paper and took them with me to have them printed at Kinko's. I also gifted them all with pashminas--my favorite scarves to wear.


 A better look:

 One of the only lullabies I know is You are my Sunshine, so I knew that I wanted to incorporate it somehow into the nursery decor. I'm doing a navy, green and light blue theme, but I think the pop of yellow on the wall will be a fun addition.
This print can be downloaded for personal use only. I had mine printed on 8.5x11 card stock at Kinko's.

I actually made this one first, but it wasn't quite what I was going for in terms of decor.

Sunday, May 13

weekend recap

This weekend we went to a family reunion/surprise party for my Grandma's 70th birthday. I snapped a couple of pictures of my nephew Mason that I just love. He is such a sweetie.

IMG_7133 copy

IMG_7132 copy

IMG_7131 copy

I love having fresh flowers at the house.

I celebrated my first Mother's Day as a mommy to be. Ty bought me an orchid and donuts for breakfast.
I hope I can keep it alive. It's so pretty!

Friday, May 11

Bumpdate: 29 weeks

 29 weeks

How Far Along: 29 weeks

Total Weight Gain: 19 lbs; I know I'm growing a human and I'm trying not to get too obsessed with this number, but it is hard to see it creeping up and know that I've got several weeks to go. I found this pregnancy weight calculator and it makes me feel better about where I'm at on the scale. I know I will continue to gain, but I want to make sure I'm not going overboard with my eating.

Maternity Clothes: Most clothes are maternity at this point.

Gender: Baby Boy!

Movement: He loves to get on the right side of my belly and just push out. It is incredibly uncomfortable. Maybe he is trying to make more room in there...

Sleep: Sleeping through the night except for bathroom breaks.

What I miss: Energy! It definitely disappeared with the 2nd trimester. I am so tired every afternoon and even went to bed at 8:30 one night.

Cravings: Still with the cereal. Hummus with pretzels; grapes

Other crazy symptoms: This week I have been generally uncomfortable. I know I've got a ways to go and it is only going to get worse, but my goodness! I really don't know how there is going to be room in there for him in a couple of weeks. I am starting to swell and I have noticed my weight fluctuating a lot due to the swelling. Attempting to eat smaller meals to combat the uncomfortableness. Afternoon heartburn. I swear some afternoons I get heartburn from drinking water. (Uncomfortable is definitely the word of this post! ;) )

Best Moment this week:
 Celebrating Jack at my baby shower!

Tuesday, May 8

the people

I had so many people travel to be at the shower, and my sister-in-law, Heather, even came in from Houston! It meant a lot that people took time out of their day or their weekend to be here to celebrate my growing family. I missed getting pictures of a few people, and like I already wrote in my last post I wish it could have lasted all day. (I added the links for the punch recipes to my last post.)

top: Me and Megan; My sisters-in-law, Amy, Heather and Sarah and mother-in-law, Beverly. 
So happy they all made the trip!

Middle: Sorority sisters--Lisa, Lacey and Lauren; Me and Megan
Bottom: more sorority sisters--Kelsey and Chesley; Me and Joy


My sister, Mom, and Mason. Someone wasn't too excited about taking a picture.


1. Me and Chesley 2. Me and Emily 3. Me and Ashley

My best friend from high school, Chelsey. We are 7 weeks apart in our pregnancies and both having boys.


The amazing hostesses!

top row, left to right: Whitney, Chesley, me, Megan, Jessica, Sarah
bottom row, left to right: Megan, Katie, LeAnn, Jane
Chelsey was also a hostess, but somehow got left out of the picture. At least, we got our bump picture. :)

I cannot thank these girls enough! They made me feel so loved and I'm very thankful for their friendship!

Sunday, May 6

You are my Sunshine

My sweet friends threw me the best baby shower yesterday! I walked in the door at Megan's house and was so excited by every little detail. I have extremely talented friends and I wanted to cry from happiness over all of their hard work. There were so many people there to celebrate baby Jack, and I wish it could have lasted all day, so I could spend lots of time with each and every one of them.

Jessica designed the invitations and she also did some matching thank you cards for me! She is so talented!


The books on the table served as the guest book for everyone to sign.

There were envelopes for everyone to fill out their address for thank you cards.

Party favors

I have a love for punch and the hostesses made sure I had several to sip on. I'll have to get the recipes from my SIL, Sarah, and share them. I was sent home with a lot of leftovers: food, cake, and punch, and I'm sipping on some punch as I write this. Yum!



Strawberry Basil Lemonade
My SIL found the recipe inspiration from this site. Here is what she did: 2 frozen lemonade, a package of basil from the store, about 4 cups of strawberries and 2 sliced lemons.  Better when mixed in advance.


Cake table


Yummy breakfast casserole, muffins, pastries and fruit.
The ribbon bunting was so cute!!

Love these cups!
Fun pinwheels, sign and flowers. I made this sign to use in his nursery and my sister brought it to use at the shower. I'll have to share the pdf file in another post for anyone who may want it.



Fun pom banner!

I couldn't narrow down the pictures, but believe it or not I did not include them all. I will have to do another post with all the people pictures. It was such a great shower and I can't say thank you enough to the hostesses and everyone who came!

Thursday, May 3

Giveaway: Tervis Tumbler

The giveaway is now closed. Thank you to everyone who entered. The winner is Ashley, #80! I love Tervis Tumblers, especially in the hot Oklahoma summers (or springs). Their cups are insulated to keep items hot or cold, and they definitely do their job! Tervis Tumblers recently contacted me about reviewing a new product, their water bottles. They also graciously offered a water bottle to give away to a lucky reader.  

It is a 24 oz water bottle and one of the best features is that it includes volume indicator rings, which is great for keeping track of my water consumption or measuring out ingredients for a protein shake, etc. The lid is airtight, but still easy to open. It also features a locking mechanism to prevent the annoying "lid-in-the face" phenomenon. 

Tervis Tumblers is an American company and their products have a lifetime guarantee. I think they make great products and have actually done my own giveaway with one of their leopard tumblers before.


Want to win your own Tervis Tumbler anchor water bottle? All you have to do is leave a comment telling me your favorite summer drink. I'll select the winner on Monday. If you don't have a blogger account, please leave your e-mail address, so I can get in touch with you.

Good luck!
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