Wednesday, August 5

Birthday Celebrations

With the arrival of Paxton I wanted to keep things simple for Jack's birthday. We had a little party at his school and then celebrated at home as a family on his actual birthday. A few weeks before his birthday we were facetiming with my mom and nephew. Mason was talking about how he was going to have a ninja turtle birthday party. Jack decided that is what he wanted to. Even though, he doesn't watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I thought he would forget about it, but he was pretty insistent. So, I picked up TMNT plates, napkins, and cupcake toppers for his class party.

Jack was so excited about his party at school that he hardly napped and when we arrived for his party he was the only kid awake. We had to keep telling him to be quiet until his friends woke up.

On his actual birthday I decorated a little the night before and when he woke up he got to open up a rocket shirt to wear and then we went on a donut date.

When Ty got home, he opened presents and had cake.

Paxton dressed for the birthday theme!

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